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304 Stainless Steel Precision Casting Automotive Oil Pump


The high-pressure fuel pump is a mechanical device primarily used to inject fuel into the engine combustion chamber at high pressure, enabling efficient fuel combustion and smooth engine operation. As a crucial component of the engine fuel system, the performance of the high-pressure fuel pump directly affects the engine's power, fuel efficiency, and emissions.

Product Advantage

  1. The rated pressure of the high-pressure oil pump is high, which is characterized by high friction resistance. In the actual oil field operations, the oil is distributed in clear layers, with widespread presence in different surface and deep layers. This pump has a strong adaptability to adjust to changes and regulate the geological structural pressure with high friction resistance. Additionally, due to variations in the connected pipelines, the pressure can also undergo uneven transformations, resulting in different pressure values. The high friction resistance of the high-pressure oil pump contributes to maintaining stable oil fields and ensuring high efficiency of other production line equipment.

  2. The high-pressure oil pump ensures high efficiency in oil extraction plants. Compared to the previous centrifugal water pumps used in oil extraction plants, the high-pressure oil pump offers higher efficiency and improved indoor space design. Centrifugal water pumps have large displacement but low pump efficiency, and they can only operate within a relatively stable pressure range. On the other hand, the high-pressure oil pump has a smaller displacement, higher lift, and greater efficiency, typically exceeding 80% efficiency.

Technical Parameters

  1. The rated pressure of the high-pressure oil pump is high, and it has the characteristic of high pressure frictional resistance.

  2. High efficiency of high-pressure oil pump production plant. Compared with the high efficiency of previous centrifugal water pump oil production plants, the high efficiency of high-pressure and high-pressure oil pumps improves the indoor space design.

Product Uses

  1. Water Supply and Irrigation: Pump components castings are used for water supply systems and irrigation applications.

  2. Sewage and Wastewater Treatment: Pump components castings are designed for pumps used in sewage and wastewater treatment plants.

  3.  Oil and Gas Extraction: Pump components castings are utilized in the oil and gas industry.

  4. Chemical Processing: Pump components castings are used in pumps employed by chemical processing plants.

Technological Process

Product Design, Mold Making, Wax Injection Mold, Wax Mold Inspection, Tree Assembly, Hook Installation, Wax Mold Cleaning, Slurry Coating (including fine slurry, coarse slurry, and sealing slurry, with only one layer applied per day), Shell Mold Production, Drying in the Slurry Room, Wax Removal, Firing the Shell Mold in a Kiln at around 1200℃, Melting Steel into Molten Steel and adding additives, Pouring the Prepared Molten Steel into the Fired Shell Mold, Natural Cooling, Shell Knockout, Shot Blasting, Cutting, Grinding the Water Outlet, Sand Cleaning, Acid Soaking, Sandblasting, Inspection and Repair, Whitening, Packaging, and a series of post-processing steps until the pump components are completed and meet the required standards.


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