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Why Jinbianda


The company has a total investment of more than 8 million yuan, with strong technical force and highly educated, highquality, high-skilled professionals. Existing staff of more than 120 people, the R & D team is dominated by postgraduates from top university, and post-doctors are the core of the team. It produces dozens of patents and inventions every year, and has strong independent research and development capabilities . The management Team has 8 casting undergraduates, 5 undergraduates in CNC Machine Department, and the 5 top managers have been engaged in the industry for more than 20 years and have abundant technical and management experience

Foundry Workshop

We have the advanced machining workshop、CNC machining center、equipped with 8 CNC lathes、3 engraving machines、2 drilling and tapping machines、1 turning and milling machine、automatic lathes、milling machines、grinders and CNC wire cutting machines as well as some related testing equipments. We also equipped with electric fitting 、 spraying 、 final assembly、surface treatment and other workshops. We have the abilities of processing the automation equipments of precision machinery manufacturing, mechanical parts, hardware and other related manufacturing.

CNC Processing Workshop

Our company is mainly engaged in precision casting of stainless steel、 stainless iron、 carbon steel、manganese steel、alloy steel、heat-resistant steel、copper、 iron、 alloy and other materials. It is a comprehensive enterprise which integrating product design、rough products、precision processing and sales. Products are widely used in military industry, automobile, mining, railway transportation, wind power, petroleum, electrical machinery, household appliances, door and window locks, medical treatment, beauty and other industries.

 Wax Injection Workshop: 8 sets of high-tonnage automatic wax injection machines, 1 set of water circulation environmental protection wax delivery system, and 26 employees in wax injection line, quality inspection line, wax repair line and tree planting line;

 Shell Making Workshop: 4 sets of mucilage processes, a 600 square meter drying room composed of 12 separation fans and 7 plasma dryers with 14 shell making employees;

 Gold Melting Workshop: 2 roasting furnaces and 3 intermediate frequency melting furnaces, wi average daily production capacity of 10 tons;

 Post-Processing Workshop: 2 sets of shell shocking machines, 3 sets of shot blasting machin sets of cutting machines, 4 sets of automatic dust removal and explosion-proof polishing machines, 3 sets of sand blasting machines and 120 square meters of pickling room with 16 employees;

Quality Control Workshop: As a key department for product quality inspection, the quality control workshop is equipped with inspection equipment such as spectrum detectors, two-dimensional elements, projectors, etc., and is equipped with 8 inspectors.

We conforms to the international advanced standards for our casting quality. The dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances of the casting products can be produced in accordance with the American Precision Casting Institute (ICI) standards or the dimensional tolerances of the German investment castings (standard number: VDG P690); the materials can be in accordance with the standards of casting material such as: China Standard-GB、America Standard-ICI/ASTM、Germany Standard-DIN、apan Standard- JIS etc. At present, more than 30 kinds of materials have been developed and produced.


  • Are you in stock Or order customization?
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    We mainly use the customer to map sample custom-made, a few models can directly order production.
  • What materials can you produce?
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    We can produce stainless steel, stainless iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, white copper, copper and other materials that customers need.
  • Which drawings and file formats do you accept:
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    The company can accept many kinds of drawing format, but the main format is as follows:
    2D, PDF and DWG,3D, STL, IGES, STEP, Solidworks and more ...
  • What is the delivery time for new mold opening and proofing?
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    Our delivery time depends on the casting and finishing requirements but is usually as follows:
    The mold opening proofing time is 10-15 days, and the order products are usually 25-30 days after receiving the deposit. urgent, please discuss with us to find a solution!
  • Is it accessible to view its manufacturing process?
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    We are very proud of our customers coming to the company. I believe you will certainly leave a deep impression on us, we discuss and study together to make up for our shortcomings.
  • May I know your office and factory hours?
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    The company's sales team works from 8:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Factory hours from Monday to Saturday 8:00 a.m.-21:00 p.m.
As a production and processing company focusing on precision casting, Dongguan Jinbianda hardware products Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as:Jinbianda),business includes product design, dewaxing mold evelopment, investment processing of blanks...

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