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In Which Industries Is Precision Mechanical Processing Commonly Used?

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What are the main applications of precision mechanical processing?

Precision mechanical processing is typically used in industries such as automotive manufacturing for mass production, aerospace for parts production, shipbuilding for component manufacturing, as well as testing of new models and engines. On the other hand, mold and die industries primarily serve small batch production of individual parts. Precision machining plays a crucial role in small batch production by saving time and material costs, and accelerating the product marketing cycle.

Small batch production is closely related to prototyping, as prototyping is a prerequisite for precision machining. Precision machining greatly facilitates the customization of more personalized products. In short, precision machining is essential for creating critical components in many demanding applications.

The finished parts produced through machining are much more stringent compared to those produced through standard CNC production. It is an excellent solution to meet strict project requirements, such as tight tolerances. With the right equipment, precision machining can produce parts with tolerances smaller than ±0.0001 inches. Repetition is also crucial in successful precision machining, as parts must be able to be repeatedly machined with the same strict tolerances. Additionally, precision machining practices can meet demands for almost any quantity, ranging from prototypes to large-scale production and turnkey projects.

Precision machining can be applied to a variety of raw materials, including plastics, ceramics, metals, composite materials, steel, bronze, graphite, and glass. Various tools can be used for precision cutting and complex material removal, with the specific tools varying depending on the material. Commonly used tools include milling machines, lathes, electrical discharge machines (also known as EDM), sawing machines, and grinding machines. Another commonly used manufacturing equipment is computer-controlled heavy machinery, which is used to remove substrate materials and form intricate parts. In some cases, high-speed robots and photochemical processes can even be employed to achieve the desired results for the final product.

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